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Oil & Gas Leasing Poses Challenges    

Bradd Vickers, President of Chenango County Farm Bureau and landowner, wants people to know their rights when it comes to allowing gas & oil companies to drill on their land. Vickers says, "There is no such thing as a standard lease."

Giving landowners the facts before they sign that lease agreement is the subject of many meetings being held throughout the area.

You are in no way obligated to sign a gas lease. You should always have an attorney review the lease before signing it and make sure that all aspects of the lease have been negotiated to your satisfaction. 

Keep in mind what Attorney Chris Denton has stated numerous  times, "For what purpose did you purchase your land?"

 Please contact us at 607-334-6061 for additional information.

Attorney Chris Denton (with whom we have been working with for close to 10 years) has been gracious enough to let us post several copyrighted documents.  These documents are supplied to provide you with information which we hope will help you make informed decisions regarding a Gas lease that you may be considering BEFORE you sign it.


Gas Leasing (RULEs) (Some items you should check out prior to signing a Lease)

Sales talk the Landman uses      

Abuses and deception practices

What to Know and What to Do When a Landman Comes to Your Door.pdf

 Limited Seismic Testing Lease   

Stop Roadway Seismic Testing without your permission (This is a boiler plate form that has been used with success)
(Information supplied by Jane Welsh, P.C.)

Additional Information:

Integration_chart.pdf (information on Unitization Integration)



Some Coalition Groups have formed and you may want to consider contacting one or more of them. The attached link is only a few of them. (They are not the only ones in NYS, nor does CCFB endorse your use of any one coalition group or attorney over any other.)

There is also a New York State Oil and Gas Leasing Practices Landowner Complaint form which you can fill out. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by a leasing company, you should first complete and return the complaint form provided by the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) above. If your concerns are not adequately addressed by the AAPL complaint process, you should then contact the State Attorney General�s Office at 607-721-8778.

Please contact CCFB at 607-334-6061 for additional information.

Website address: http://www.ccfbny.org

Further meetings, information and links will be posted to the website as they become available.


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