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bulletAgriculture is the nation's largest employer, with more than 21 million people working in some phase -- from growing food and fiber, to selling it at the supermarket.
bulletThere are 145,156 farms operated by women in the United States.
bulletConsumers spent an average of $2,328/person for food in 1992. Yet that was only 9.3 percent of disposable income -- the lowest percentage in the world.

What one acre of land can produce.

(An acre of land is roughly the size of a football field.)
bulletStrawberries -- 45,000 lbs./acre -- worth $21,759/acre
bulletLettuce -- 24,000 heads/acre -- worth $5,940/acre
bulletPotatoes -- 36,000 lbs./acre -- worth $4,464/acre
bulletSweet Corn -- 14,000 lbs./acre
bullet37.1 bushels of Wheat per acre = 2,600 loaves of bread per acre

Farmers are stewards of the land

bulletEach year billions of trees are seeded on farmland.
bulletFarmers use reduced tillage practices on 100 million acres and 26 million acres
are farmed in narrow strips to prevent erosion.
bulletIn 1994, farmers had placed 36.4 million acres of their land in reserve to protect the
environment and provide habitat for wildlife.
bulletU.S. farmers maintain 170,000 miles of windbreaks and 1.3 million acres of grass


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